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About Us

Welcome to ChiroTherm

Chirotherm was founded by Anthony Piana, DC in order to bring a more sound and scientific approach to Chiropractic Thermography. Chirotherm offers a simple and proven turn-key package that includes equipment and training at an affordable price to fit the needs of all chiropractors.

Dr. Piana lectures worldwide on thermal imaging  in high academic settings, and  has been an integral part of developing thermography in and out of the USA in both the Medical and Chiropractic arenas.  Dr. Piana is a Co-Founder of the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and Breast Thermography International (BTI).

Chirotherm is closely associated to PACT and the high scientific standards.

We encourage you to join us at Chirotherm to launch Chiropractic in to the new era of scientific thermography.