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Upper Cervical

Find the Cause,

See the Effects.

Full Spectrum Infrared Thermography for Upper Cervical Chiropractors

Functional evaluation of the upper cervical spine has become even more specific with full spectrum infrared technology! For over 100 years chiropractic has been utilizing thermography to assess the neurologic function of the spine. Thanks to ChiroTherm, we now have the technology to not only help us find the cause, but we can now see effects in the entire body.

For the upper cervical chiropractor, Infrared Spectrum technology has provided our doctors with an enhanced ability to locate and identify subluxation and its systemic effects of the entire body. Not only is it an invaluable tool in the evaluation of subluxation, it can also provide objective evidence of other health conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, neuropathy, and cancer. 

Current functional evaluation has been limited to paraspinal analysis alone. Now we have the ability to look at the function of the spinal tissue and the effects of subluxation on the surrounding organs. A thermogram provides the doctor with an additional tool in the analysis of subluxation and the systemic tissue conditions that may be a result of the subluxation. 


Infrared Thermography is used to measure the Infrared Heat that is emitted from the body due to nerve damage, inflammation, or cancerous growth. Benefits Include:

  • Measure neurovascular function

  • Identify  spinal inflammation

  • Locate tissue damage

  • Monitor recovery and healing

  • Cost Effective


  • Neurological Conditions

  • Spinal Suluxation

  • Vertigo and Headaches

  • Spinal Damage

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Numbness and Tingling

  • Childhood and Adult Scoliosis

  • Sciatica and Low Back Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Breast and Stroke Screening


The best part about Infrared Thermography is that it does not emit anything into the body, it only detects the heat that is coming out.

  • Safe for Pregnancy

  • Pediatric and Newborn Safe 

  • Painless and Quick

  • Non-Invasive

  • No Radiation


There are currently no alternatives to diagnostic Infrared Thermography that are cost effective, safe for use in pregnancy and children, and have precision graphing capabilities. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Applications


  • Cerebrovascular Screening

  • Facial Nerve Evaluation

  • Oral and Orbital Evaluation

  • Sinus Visualization

  • Nasal Perfusion


  • Nerve Impingement

  • Paraspinal Symmetry

  • Myotomal Evaluation

  • Dermatomal Evaluation

  • Muscular Inflammation


  • Symmetry Evaluation

  • Anterior Atlantal Tissue

  • Lymphatic System

  • Auditory Canal Evaluation

  • Termporal Artery Function


  • Carotid Artery Evaluation

  • Inferior CCJ Tissue

  • Thyroid Evaluation

  • Mandibular Lymph Path

  • Scalene Symmetry

Full Spine

  • Systemic Effect

  • Visceral Involvement

  • Radiculopathy

  • Adaptive Stress

  • Global Inflammation

Integrating Thermography is Simple...

  1. Choose a camera for your practice. Our experts will help you decide .

  2. Design your Thermography Room with help from our staff

  3. Receive certification through PACT

  4. Evaluate your patient images or send in for interpretation

  5. Create a customized program for your patients

  6. Use thermography daily or to re-evaluate upon completion of program.

Additional Applications

Breast Thermography:

Breast Thermography is a non-invasive and painless way to screen for breast cancer without radiation or compression of the breast. It uses state of the art medical infrared technology to assess heat in the breast. Comparative exams create a baseline for monitoring breast health based on individual thermal patterns and changes.

In breast thermography we are looking for heat patterns in the breast that may indicate pathology. Tumor growth is a physiological process that creates increased vascular patterns that can be detected on a modern infrared camera.  Thermography can establish overall breast health and is an excellent test for assessing fibrocystic breasts and overall breast health.

*Thermography should always be used as a tool in addition to other diagnostics to complete the clinical impression. 


Inflammation is a major component to thyroid disease. This heat can be used to screen for thyroid issues, as well as monitor healing process. 


The cerebrovascular examination measures the amount of blood supply that is reaching the forehead. Lack of heat on one side may indicate the presence of a blokage. 

Nerve Impingement

Impingement upon a a nerve will alter blood flow. Dermatomes or myotomes may also be visible through decreased heat signal. 

Plantar Fascitis

Tissues in the bottom of the feet are highly sensitive and can be read to determine changes to the function of the feet. 

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